Digital LED price signs are crucial to Forecourt visibility

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Here are five reasons why Digital LED Fuel price signs ensure Petro Retail Forecourts stand out from the crowd.

Signage visibility is probably the single most important factor to consider when choosing a sign. After all, the primary purpose behind any sign is to draw attention to something in order to convey a message, and with an ever increasing number of electronic displays vying for that attention, quality of display has never been more important.

Here are five ways LED technology can help a sign to stand out from the crowd.


Luminance is defined as the intensity of light emitted from a surface per unit area in a given direction. Essentially it’s a more objective measure of brightness, which is an important determinant of sign visibility. The high levels of saturated colour contained within LEDs means they offer particularly high and attention grabbing levels of this. Not all LEDs are the same though, so it’s important to choose quality components when buying your Digital LED price sign lighting system.

Adaptive lighting

Static or conventionally illuminated signs generally don’t change or adapt to the environment around them, but most LEDs do. This is hugely important, as it prevents glare, helping to enhance visibility in conditions of darkness or excessive brightness. And it increases energy efficiency, saving money in the process,


Digital LED price signs offer flexibility in a number of ways. First, the technology can operate independently of a fixed power supply, or at least at a low voltage. Second, LEDs tend to perform better than other types of lighting in extreme temperatures, which allows lighting to perform better than conventional lighting. Third, LEDs tend to be made of materials that are more physically robust. All of this means LEDs offer high levels of flexibility, last longer and can be used in a wider range of environments without any reduction in quality.

Angular optimisation

The position from which a sign is viewed, and the positioning of the text within or on the sign in relation to where the viewer is located, is a big determinant of sign visibility. The high level of luminance offered by Digital LED price signs, combined with anti glare technologies such as adaptive lighting, means they are optimised for maximum visibility from long distances and multiple angles.

Long life

Compared to most other forms of illuminated signage, LED technology offers longer life. This consists not only in the extended lifespan of the lamps themselves, but also the reduction in the amount of time spent maintaining and repairing them. Less time doing this means lower costs and more time for your sign to be seen by your target audience.

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