LED Templine and Humidity Displays

Sensitive, responsive and accurate, our Digital LED Temperature and Humidity Display is versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Promote safety in manufacturing and warehousing, and provide eye-catching public service information in retail and local government.


Linnos signs can be incorporated into any larger sign project or used as stand-alone displays. This digital LED temperature and Humidity display can be combined with Timeline to create an alternating display of time and temperature. This less static solution attracts even more attention and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Sustainable & Safe

Templine uses sustainable, energy saving LEDs helping to reduce your costs. Performing well in very low temperatures as well as high, makes Templine a much more reliable, safe and accurate solution to fluorescent rear illumination.

Durable & Reliable

Linnos digital LED temperature and humidity display products are made in Ireland using high quality components, solid state optoelectronics and durable aluminium casing guaranteeing reliability and low maintenance.

LED Digital Temperature Display