5 Key Considerations for Choosing Digital LED Forecourt Signage

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Choosing the right digital LED forecourt signage can be challenging. Not only do forecourt operators have to act as filling stations, they also have the added complexity of being a convenience store and often a restaurant too. Installing the right digital signage can help a business stand out against their competitors and demonstrates a dedication to customer experience from the outset. To help identify the right solution here are 5 key considerations to consider before making a purchase:


  1. Zoning or planning restrictions

The first step in choosing a digital LED forecourt signage solution is to check if there are any zoning or planning restrictions or licenses required for signage installations in the area. The first point of contact is usually the local city council office. The planning department can then review plans and specifications for the proposed forecourt pricing display and offer guidance on local restrictions.


  1. Visibility

There are a number of factors that can affect the visibility of your digital LED forecourt signage (check back later for our detailed blog on factors affecting visibility). Some of the most important are:

  • Size – if a sign is too small it won’t be noticed but bigger is not always better. This goes for digit and letter size too.
  • Location – position of business, viewing angle, obstructions, and speed of passing traffic all need to be taken into consideration.
  • Ambient lighting – the lighting around the business will impact the requirements for illumination and reactivity to the environment.


  1. Competitors

Make an assessment of other local competitor businesses and use signage to differentiate and stand out while still keeping with planning restrictions and the look and feel of the community.


  1. Integration

Forecourt operators often use a collection of software systems to manage the different areas of their business – retail, food service, petrol pricing etc. Make sure that the digital LED forecourt signage solution chosen can be integrated easily into current point of sale systems to help streamline operations and minimise the need for complex, stand-alone solutions.


  1. Maintenance

When deciding on the right digital LED forecourt signage display it is important to focus on a long-term solution and not just the initial installation. Making sure that a sign can be accessed and update remotely saves time and reduces health and safety risk. Make sure to choose a solution that is easy to use and maintain, uses high quality, long-life components and comes with accessible technical support and aftersales service.

For more advice on choosing the right digital LED forecourt signage for your particular business feel free to contact us now.